100 Favorite Albums & EPs of 2017

What would 2017 have been without music.

Here’s my 100 (woo!) favorite albums of 2017, some numbered, others not because it becomes pretty arbitrary at a certain point.

I listened to a lot of good stuff, so dig in, I think you’ll find something to enjoy in this big net. These albums were my favorite emotional outlet this year, a consistent source of escape and comfort or an oft-needed distraction.

Here’s a quick table of contents if you wanna skip ahead to the goodies.

100 – 81: EPs & Short Albums (Listed Alphabetically)

  • This classification is tenuous for sure, it’s just where I’ve flagged content that was under 10 songs. 

80 – 51: Albums – Honorable Mentions (Listed Alphabetically)

  • Yeah…this is that point where it becomes arbitrary so these are listed alphabetically.

50 – 1: Albums – Top 50 OMG (Ranked)

  • These rankings will move in a year, a week, hell they’ve shifted while compiling this dumb list. The TOP 50 all include song recommendations, and the *TOP 25* have a few thoughts added on. Writing about music is fun and I wish I had more time!

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