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Hello! Welcome to Sight On Earth!

Today’s chef’s special is film: analyses, reviews, and the occasional list. We also offer several other pop-culture based sides: writings on books, music, podcasts, and depending on the season, TV and Video Games.

We occupy the smallest corner of the internet, so we’re glad you were able to find us. We won’t ask how. If you’re interested in culture, we’ve got a couch you can crash on. If not, you can sit in the corner and await your conversion.

We’re a group of non-professionals with professional aspirations, and this is our place to publish periodic musings on cultural artifacts we find personally relevant. Some are current, some we dug out of the dust bin. Our fingers are constantly crossed for originality and impact. Or was it to avoid them?

These humble writers gathered here because it’s easier to articulate our feelings in writing. Because we all need an outlet. Because there was one too many coffee-fueled discussions. More than anything, we’re looking to understand the world.

We’ll find a contextual grounding or we’ll create our own.

And despite what was mentioned above, we’re not actually a restaurant.

PS: The name Sight On Earth is a ridiculously clever subversion of Jim Jarmusch’s 1991 film Night on Earth. We’re in no way affiliated with the CIA, NSA, Facebook, or other invasive agencies. All the same, proceed with caution.

sightonearth [at] gmail [dot] com

Keep it goin

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