Dani’s Favorites of 2014

I’m allowing myself fourteen movies for 2014 because: 1) ten is too hard, 2) I want to bring attention to these movies I think are great, 3) you’re not the boss of me, and 4) Buzzfeed tells me round numbers are not important (i.e. 19 Seriously Disturbing Bug Faces That Will Ruin Your Life Forever and 26 Pictures That Will Give You Hope For The Future). I haven’t seen ALL the films this year, but of those I did see these are my personal favorites.

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Can You Smell What Hercules Is Cooking?

Lion Head

Brett Ratner’s HERCULES was released exactly six months ago as I post this. Did you see it? The film was one of my most pleasant surprises of 2014 and I spent the following weeks asking everyone I knew if they’d seen it yet. Invariably, the answer would be a “Uh, no.”

“But…The Rock literally throws a horse.”

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